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Realtor Lawn & Garden Services

In this market, its important for homes to make a great first impression. That means your house should look great before the buyer reaches your front door. As well, after they’ve toured the house, and imagine themselves relaxing in the backyard after a day’s work, you want your backyard to make a lasting impression.

How Empire Can Help You

A yard clean-up is something you may want to consider if you want your property looking its best for prospective buyers. When you’re away on vacation, you’ll need to keep the home looking its best for the realtors and those driving by. Realtors often recommend this service to help homeowners return their homes to a beautiful condition, and maximize property values.

We have efficient equipment to serve Property Managers for residential or commericial properties

Services for Property Managers & Condo Boards

Property managers want to know that a property is properly maintained, with no fuss or muss. They expect reliability from their maintenance contractors, just like they expect from their renters. Similarly, property managers working for condominium boards need consistent and high quality of service, so that property owners feel their maintenance meets or exceeds the standard they expect for their property. Also important to both groups is having enough crews so that special work, due either to emergency or unusually harsh weather, can be accommodated.


How Empire Can Help You

Empire can help with

Empire is reliable, consistent and well-staffed. Our affiliated Light Kings offers Christmas lights & backyard lighting.

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